Local Dog Grooming & Socialising Service. I bring the professional groom of the salon to your home, convenient and cost effective whilst building a rapport with my clients and the dogs I care for. 

Experienced grooming of toy breeds, terrier breeds, working, hound, sporting and non-sporting and cross breeds. 

All pre- work - Nose to tail groom - to breed standard cut or what ever suits your pooch and you.

All sanitary areas groomed - ears, toes, nose, belly's and bottoms.

Clip off - variable graded lengths to suit the time of year and your preference of style.

Hand strip work - Holistic nurtured experience to maintain a beautiful coat at any time of the year.

De- shedding work.

Bath and high velocity drying for all grooms.

De-matting work - by hand ,clip or what is required to keep your pets coat in great condition for future grooms.  

I am a dog home experienced handler. My holistic approach to grooming your dog is offered on site, or away, to suit you and your pet. I use organic products, in line with the ethos of my company. Grooming areas are always left spotless.  Only through experience have I learnt what works well when grooming in the home.  No dog to big no dog to small.  I pride myself on making the whole experience for you, me and your pet as warm and gentle as possible, whilst making sure that the groom is to breed standard or to your requirements - regarding season and manageability. 

 Home from Home Boarding service - Peace of mind (CRB checked) for short term breaks, work trips and long stays holidays.   A Visiting day can also be catered for. Play, interaction and discipline. Rest assured -assessment of clients needs and pets temperaments profiled. I understand from the bottom of my heart how important it is to trust someone to treat your pet as their own - I am blessed to be surrounded by park's ( that are dog friendly and secure) woods for the more adventurous walks and I keep your pets care consistent. Feeding, grooming, routine and command - if your dog doesn't sofa surf at home! they wont be at mine just so no bad habits are formed. I only board one family of dogs at a time for their essential care, safe and managable - as I invite you in to my home I feel its important that I have the space and time to board with love and keeps the energy stress free ! also I am happy to groom in that time, if required. I will always make sure your pooch comes back to you clean and fresh after all the fun we will be having out there in the parks and playgrounds for pets...........  so lets get those wellies on ! Lets go !

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