Frequently asked questions

Where do we ship to?

We currently only ship within the United Kingdom. This is something we anticipate changing in the coming months however, our digital downloads are available to anyone, anywhere! So please do pop on over and check them out.

Who are the planners suitable for?

Our planners are suitable for anyone who are looking to plan their dream trip and need a little extra help getting organised. Our planners allow you to have all your information in one handy place and even help you budget for what you'll do when you get there. We have something for everyone. Whether you're wanting to plan that epic road trip you've dreamt about for years, are looking to plan your honeymoon, or are wanting to plan that dream Disney trip, we have something to help.

How long a trip do the planners cover?

Currently our planners cover any trip up to a duration of 21 days. If you choose to download a digital planner, the choice is yours once you come to print!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Until mid-June 2020, we are unable to post physical planners due to quarantine measures. However, we didn't want anyone to miss out so you can download a digital planner and not have to wait at all. We are constantly monitoring the government advice in relation to Covid-19 and will update our website accordingly as soon as we can post physical planners again.

Do you offer a personalised service?

Unfortunately, we cannot personalise our travel planner at this current time. Do keep checking back though as this is something we plan on doing in the near future.

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