Well 2020, Aren't You Just A Ray Of Sunshine

Good afternoon guys and gals! Well, I have to say this is not how I expected to be spending the final quarter of 2020. It's utter madness isn't it?

But I'm not here to talk about the CV word. Well, not entirely. I was sat this morning thinking about the rest of this year and what it might bring and decided that instead of worrying about the horrors and the necessary cancellation of plans, I'd sit and think about my bucket list. About where I wanted to go when all of this was over. My future travel plans.

I did a bucket list waaaaaay back when (which you can find here) but over the years I've learnt a lot and some places I just don't want to go anymore. Some I've been lucky enough to visit since. And instead of a traditional list of destinations, I've created a subcategory for some with little things I want to do when I'm there. Some are just silly things but nonetheless I'd like to do them. Although in hindsight it would appear this blogging format doesn't seem to like my little subcategories, so they've all got their own numbers now haha.

So without further ado, here is my updated bucket list as of 2020.

  1. See all 50 states in America

  2. Go to Paris

  3. Go to Bora Bora

  4. Stay in The Atlantis in the Bahamas

  5. See the sea pigs in the Bahamas

  6. Go to Salzburg in winter

  7. Visit the National Library in Vienna

  8. Go to Miami

  9. Visit the mineral baths in Saturnia, Tuscany

  10. Go to Amsterdam

  11. Visit Anne Franks museum

  12. See the lavender fields in Provence, France

  13. See NYC in every season

  14. Visit the Hamptons

  15. See Central Park in fall

  16. Visit MOMA

  17. See a show on Broadway

  18. See the cherry blossom trees in Washington in spring

  19. See the Neucwanstein Castle in Munich

  20. Visit Lapland

  21. Stay in an igloo in Lapland

  22. See the Northern Lights

  23. Go dog sledding

  24. See Pompei

  25. Go to Toronto

  26. Go up the CN Tower

  27. See Niagra Falls

  28. See Lake Louise in Canada

  29. Go to Chicago

  30. Try a pizza pie in Chicago

  31. See Chicago on St Patricks Day

  32. Go shopping down the Miracle Mile (Chicago)

  33. Stay on a ranch in Texas

  34. Visit Santorini

  35. Go to Seattle

  36. Visit the original Starbucks

  37. See New England in Fall

  38. Go to Hawaii

  39. See the Florida Keys

  40. Visit Disney World for the 50th celebrations and stay on site

  41. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

  42. Visit America over Halloween

This is my updated list so far. It's ever growing and ever changing, as you can imagine. I'm sure you're the same. If there's one thing this pandemic has taught me, it's not to take any experience for granted. Live in the moment each time you travel, take ALL of the photographs and videos, and be unapologetic about the places you want to see and the quirky things you want to do.

I may not have actually driven in America, but I'm never one to pass up a photo opportunity!

Talking about travel here may be the only thing that keeps us sane for the foreseeable so although I won't make any promises, I'm hoping to be posting on here as much as I can, and over on Instagram.

Nicola xoxo

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