What to expect when working with a Brand Designer

I want to start this post by saying personally, in my professional opinion, strategy is an essential part of branding. Without strategy and knowing who you’re talking to, what your values are, where you sit in the market and much much more, you’re throwing your brand out there and hoping something will stick at some point.

By trying to attract ‘everyone’, you’re attracting ‘no one’.


Where the journey begins.

You’ve been scouring the web, searching Instagram and looking for inspo on Pinterest and you’re ready to invest in your branding. You’re taking the plunge because you know this will be the push your brand needs to stand out from the completion. You’ll be confident, that niggling doubt over your logo will disappear and your brand will thrive with someone to guide you.

But this is completely new to you and you don’t want to walk into the unknown.

Onboarding is basically the first stage of potentially getting you on board as a client. What I’m about to go into below is my process when working with a small business on their brand strategy and identity.

During a free Discovery Call, lasting around 30 minutes, we chat about what you’re looking for in your business and explain our system, processes and timescales.

After the call, we prepare a document going over our conversation, package specifics, our promise to you as your designer, your expectations, our expectations, and the next steps. If you decide to go ahead, your client portal is set up, contracts are signed along with your deposit and commencement date locked in.

Research and Strategy

A 60/90 minute Strategy Workshop is the first task for a full, in depth chat about your business in detail; your values, mission, audience, long term vision and much more. Once we’re armed with this information, we go away and begin the research phase. We go DEEP into competitor analysis, where you sit, your voice & personality and how we can make you stand out.

We then go on to create 2 moodboards to present to you along with your brand vision and strategy. This will direct your design phase so it’s important you see all our work in a fully digestable format before you make your decision.


Now we have a direction, we can start designing your brand identity.

The foundation of your brand has already been developed in the vision and strategy phase so this is where we breathe life & personality into your brand. Everything is strategic from typography to colour choices because it’s important to work on the psychology behind branding as well as making it aesthetically pleasing; let’s face it, no one wants an ugly brand.

Any collateral i.e. loyalty cards, socials, etc are then designed and brought to life with mockups in a full brand presentation.


Any revisions are completed at the design stage, then we go ahead and prepare your brand guidelines which covers how to use all colours, assets, typography (what works for headings, body text, etc), all colour codes, imagery direction and a good ol’ round up of everything from start to finish.

You’ve also now acquired a business cheerleader for life!

If you have any questions you can drop me an email at loveluna1@outlook.com or find me on Instagram where I’m always hanging out at lovelunagb.

Nicola xx

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